Frankfurt Photo Gallery #MaryKwiznessFFM

Frankfurt Skyline Hauptwache Zeil Zeilgalerie by Mary Kwizness
Frankfurt Hauptwache / Zeil

After I moved to Frankfurt in 2006, I heard a lot of people say "Frankfurt is the ugliest city in the world!" except of some friends I showed around everywhere. They absolutely fell in love with my city!


The others probably only knew the central station and Bahnhofsviertel, which is known as an area for prostitutes and drug dealers. I still avoid this area even though I love to explore all corners of my city.


In March 2017 I decided to capture some nice spots to prove everyone that Frankfurt is more than just that "ugly city" they had experienced on their transit or the skyline they knew from the outside. I want to share the beautiful view I see in my daily life.


Please note that this gallery is not complete. I just discovered the genre of street photography and I'm still at the beginning. Updates will follow.


Thanks for watching, much appreciated. :)


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You will find my Frankfurt photos with the Hashtag #MaryKwiznessFFM


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