Streetart · 08. March 2019
Some streetart I found in Frankfurt and Istanbul

Life in Frankfurt · 17. December 2017
Since I'm living and working near the Christmas market in Frankfurt, I feel like I've been there 250 times this year. :D I just love the smell of it, all the little things to see, the happy holiday atmosphere... I just had to take a look now and then. Here are some impressions from 2017:

Life in Frankfurt · 02. November 2017
Heute, am 02.11.2017 bin ich in der BILD Frankfurt auf Seite 11 und im Online-Artikel zu sehen. Wer kann schon von sich behaupten, dass er mal in der BILD war? :D Die Reporterin Lisa Goedert war jedenfalls sehr sympathisch und überredete mich schnell zu einem kleinen Interview. Von meinem Monolog über meinen Background als Hiphop-Fotografin und einigen anderen Themen, begeisterte meine Lovestory mit Bora am meisten.

Streetphotography Frankfurt · 22. October 2017
If you like Frankfurt just as much as I do, you might as well like to watch photos of Frankfurt. When I started Frankfurt streetphotography in March 2017, I found a lot of nice photos with the hashtag #FrankfurtDuBistSoWunderbar („Frankfurt, you are so wonderful“) and of course the photographers who took these photos. After 6 months of mutual „friendship“ and friendly interaction I decided to make a list of my favourite Frankfurt streetphotographers on Instagram.

Streetphotography Frankfurt · 12. October 2017
Als ich heute Morgen davon hörte, dass der Goetheturm abgebrannt ist, stand erstmal mein Herz still.

Streetphotography Frankfurt · 27. July 2017
After I moved to Frankfurt in 2006, I heard a lot of people say "Frankfurt is the ugliest city in the world!" In March 2017 I decided to capture some nice spots to prove them wrong.

Photos On Social Media · 28. March 2016
1.) Go to your own facebook profile -> "Update Profile Picture"

Photos On Social Media · 23. February 2016
Let's start with one of the worst profile pictures I've ever seen on Facebook. Sad truth is: I see photos like this EVERY DAY! It hurts every time.

Hip Hop Documentation · 22. November 2015
Black is classic. Black is elegance. Black is mystery. Black is sexy. Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is the queen of all colors. All black everything. Black is my favourite style to shoot.