Streetphotography Frankfurt

Streetphotography Frankfurt · 22. October 2017
If you like Frankfurt just as much as I do, you might as well like to watch photos of Frankfurt. When I started Frankfurt streetphotography in March 2017, I found a lot of nice photos with the hashtag #FrankfurtDuBistSoWunderbar („Frankfurt, you are so wonderful“) and of course the photographers who took these photos. After 6 months of mutual „friendship“ and friendly interaction I decided to make a list of my favourite Frankfurt streetphotographers on Instagram.

Streetphotography Frankfurt · 12. October 2017
Als ich heute Morgen davon hörte, dass der Goetheturm abgebrannt ist, stand erstmal mein Herz still.

Streetphotography Frankfurt · 27. July 2017
After I moved to Frankfurt in 2006, I heard a lot of people say "Frankfurt is the ugliest city in the world!" In March 2017 I decided to capture some nice spots to prove them wrong.