Frankfurt / Istanbul Street Photography

turkish cay Mainufer Bembel kız kulesi
Çay at the Main river --- selfmade Istanbul-Frankfurt map heart --- Bembel at Kız Kulesi

When I travelled to Istanbul in 2014 to catch the hiphop event "Heads or Tails", I didn't know I'd fall in love with two beautiful miracles at once: my Turkish boyfriend and the city of Istanbul itself!


Since then I travel to Turkey regularly and never miss the opportunity to capture the magical streets of Istanbul or other adorable Turkish cities like Marmaris or Çanakkale.


At the same time I developed a deeper love for my home city Frankfurt, always in mind I might have to leave it behind me one day for the sake of our shared future, or focused on displaying the best sides to make it tempting for my boyfriend to move here.


Since I had moved to Frankfurt in 2006, I've heard a lot of people say "Frankfurt is the ugliest city in the world!" I made it my mission to prove them wrong.


In March 2017 I started to post my first street photos of Istanbul and Frankfurt on Instagram and they were so popular that I changed my focus from hiphop event documentation to streetphotography for the following years.


Here you go, enjoy the beautiful view of my daily life!


Welcome to my hood! I moved to Frankfurt Ostend ("East End") in 2016 and I love it!


Fatih is the place where I lost my heart to Istanbul when I spent my very first days there.


Always keep your photo game on! Like catching reflections on windows and water.


Kadıköy on the Asian side of Istanbul is where my boyfriend lives, so it's my second home.


One of my favourite games: Catching every sunray and playing with the shadow. 


In Frankfurt's city center ("Innenstadt") I spend most of my free time - if I'm awake.


There's a lot of graffiti and streetart going on in both cities. Here's what I caught!


The Historic City ("Altstadt") of Frankfurt is where my daily work place is.


Beyoğlu on the European side is probably my most favourite area of Istanbul.




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